About Us

H2USA is a public-private partnership to promote the commercial introduction and widespread adoption of hydrogen fueled fuel cell electric vehicles across America. H2USA’s mission is to address hurdles to establishing hydrogen fueling infrastructure, enabling the large scale adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Why We Are Doing This

The United States is facing serious and growing challenges involving petroleum supply and cost, as well as national and economic security and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. A significant part of the solution to these challenges will be continued development of domestic energy and fuels, including natural gas and renewables. The transportation sector provides an opportunity to greatly reduce petroleum consumption since it accounts for more than two-thirds of America’s oil use. For decades, auto manufacturers have been investing in a wide range of advanced technologies to reduce fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) have been identified as one technology and fuel combination that offers tremendous promise in a portfolio of technologies required for a sustainable, clean energy future. FCEVs have already been introduced into the market place and more will be phased into the overall vehicle fleet through 2020. H2USA will work to accelerate progress toward the necessary hydrogen infrastructure to meet public demand and support these zero-emission vehicles. FCEVs play a key role in an “all-of-the-above” strategy to provide vehicles that customers will want to buy; enable energy, environmental and economic security for the United States; and create jobs in an American-led clean energy industry.

H2USA will contribute to:
• Establishing necessary hydrogen infrastructure and leveraging multiple energy sources, including natural gas and renewables
• Deploying FCEVs across America
• Improving America’s energy and economic security
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
• Developing domestic sources of clean energy and creating jobs in the United States
• Validating new technologies and creating a strong domestic supply base in the clean energy sector