H2USA participants support the development of hydrogen infrastructure and deployment of fuel cell electric vehicles across the United States. To find out what it means to be a participant, or for more information, contact us.  

H2USA's participant contributions are detailed at the bottom of the page.

H2USA Participants
U.S. Department of EnergyThe State of CaliforniaAir Liquide Industrial USAmerican Gas Association
ARC: HydrogenArgonne National Laboratory

California Fuel Cell Partnership   
Chrysler Group LLCElectric Drive Transportation AssociationGeneral Motors Holding LLC
Association of Global AutomakersHawaii Natural Energy InstituteAmerican Honda Motor CompanyHydrogenics Corporation
Hyundai Motor AmericaIntelligent Energy
Linde North AmericaMassachusetts Hydrogen CoalitionMercedes-Benz USA, LLC
National Association of Convenience StoresNational Association of Convenience StoresNational Renewable Energy LaboratoryNortheast States for Coordinated Air Use Management
Nissan North America R&DPacific Northwest National Laboratory
PDC Machines Inc.Plug PowerProton OnSiteSandia National Laboratory
Savannah River National LaboratorySCRA Toyota Motor North America


H2USA Funding Structure Overview for Fiscal Year 2016

(October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016)

·         Associations/companies/government to provide in-kind services in order to keep costs down.

·         Associations – dues based on total budget

 $5,000             – Under $5 Million

 $15,000           – Under $15 Million

 $25,000           – Over $15  Million

·         For Non-Profits / Corporate Participants

o   Non-profit participation (state orgs, NGOs, etc.)

 $2,500             – Flat rate

o   National laboratory participation

 $5,000             – Flat rate

o   Automotive Manufacturer

 $15,000           – Flat rate

o   Corporate organization who is a member of participating trade association

 $10,000           – Greater Than $1 Billion Sales

 $5,000             – Less Than $1 Billion Sales

o   Corporate organization who is not a member of participating trade association

 $20,000           – Greater Than $1 Billion Sales

 $10,000           – Less Than $1 Billion Sales

·         Federal Government Departments

 $25,000           – Flat rate